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12 November 2010

My Desk

this is the place where I spent 9 hours of my life, every Monday to Friday for about 4 months...
this is my desk

This is where I spent 9 hours of my time on weekdays
I really like all kinds of objects with brand hello kitty :D
hello kitty stuff that I put on my desk ^^

small fan with usb cable
which I bought because a co-worker who always turn off the air conditioners and makes me feels heat all the time
water bottle
my blackberry hard case

clock with hello kitty head shape, which i got from my sister ^^


sara djamal said...

tempat kerjamu enak dehh.
bersiihhh :)

sara djamal said...

tempat kerja mu enak dehh

markusmanson said...

we?? dah banyak gini toh??? wakakakak nyindir2 aku klo beli barang sendirinya ternyataaaaaaa...